Airplane Fanatic

Sean loves to play and watch airplanes. I let him watch lots of videos in You Tube on airplanes as they take off, run the runway, or land. He’s so ecstatic whenever he’ll see an airplane on the air while we are outdoors. And i wonder why and how he has this fascination or rather obsession with airplanes.

The last time that Dad Yam was here in the house he asked an airplane from him and Dad Yam as sweet as he is complied at once. He has also another airplane a gfit on his birthday and now he’s saying that he wants a colored green airplane.

And while we are eating he would also play sometimes with his food, like he’ll hold a chicken in his hand and with a sound he’ll imagine that it’s an airplane and flying on the air.

NOw, I’m making a runway for his airplanes. I have those two idle cardboards from his sister’s gift box and i’m going to paint them to make them look like a runway. Oh, maybe he wants to be a pilot someday, not bad! Love yah Sean!

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