On Birthdays and Gifts

Our little boy turned two and he had a blast playing with the balloons for more than 3o minutes while waiting for the visitors in Burger King and after that he had fallen asleep nearly to the end of the games that I had to wake him up or else his older sister would blow the candle for him.

He was happy and after regaining his strength from a slumber he was a bit confused as to how the number of visitors in the party room have increased. Birthday party for him maybe still vague it maybe incomprehensible for a two year old but what he understand is the feeling of happiness, the warmth of family and friends hugs and sweet kisses and the sight of a birthday cake and the balloons and of course the blowing of candles even it’s the mommy who has to say in her head some wishes for the birthday boy.

Birthday parties is not about gifts or how grand or how simple it was celebrated but its more of the feelings of happiness being passed from one to another. It’s a celebration for another year and the years to come. It’s about family, its about friends and how they have remembered our little boy in his special day. His godparents across the globe sent their love thru greetings on e-mails, text messages, YM  and phone calls. His grandparents in the Philippines had thrown also a small party for friends and relatives for their adorable grandson. And that’s how much we love Sean Linus, our prince.

He received lots of gifts from us and from our friends. His sister helped him in opening the gifts, amidst tearing every gift wraps they exchanged gigles and laughters. The hit among his gifts is the talking Tyrone from our friends Tito X-tian and Tita Mavis and the Barney Puppet from Uncle Noy.

Thanks to all our friends who calebrated with us. Thanks for another year and the years to come and most of all Thanks Daddy God for the gift of Love and the gift of Life.

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