Sean Linus at 23 months

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Sean Linus is nearing his terrible twos. If you’ll ask me why I have to use the “terrible twos” words it’s because it fits his character at his age of 23 months and 2 weeks. He started to have his mood swings from a sweet toddler to a li’l bit whiny who sometimes throws a short tantrum if ever he is not being agreed upon as to what he like or wishes to do.

He is more active and sometimes I can’t help not to stop him with some of his dangerous moves. He always  twirls and then throws himself on the pillows whenever we are in bed and as well as in the sofa. I told him so many times not to do it or else he’ll hit his head or he may get hurt but still he’s into it.

But one thing I admire him for is his being polite. At his age he knows how to say “Thank you”, “Please” and “You’re Welcome”. And one time I was cleaning the bathroom I was astonished that he came to me and said, “I love you Mommy!” He’s so sweet and I smiled back at him and replied, “I love you Sean!”

And one time, his daddy gave him a bath. My hubby told him to stop playing with his toys and bathtime is over. Daddy N was caught in awe as Sean put back all his toys to where it should be, he put his small bucket in the big pail and pushed the water faucet down to turn it off. It seems that he is copying what momsy is doing after bathtime before he’s being wrapped in his fluffy towel. The same goes after playing with his toys he would return them to their proper places.

At his age now he knows how to symphatize, he’ll say, “wawa” if ever he’ll hear a baby crying. And sometimes he’ll burst into laughter if he finds the movie amusing and sometimes also he’ll run away from the TV room if his older sister is watching Barbie and the magic of the rainbow and the scene wherein he will see laverna (the evil character in the story) or the stepmom in the Cinderella movie.

Now he knows the comfort foods such as ice creams and ch0colates. Everytime we are near the cashier he would run towards the candies, chocolates and other sweets and we allow him only for one item, that’s the rule for them. So if he’ll get M & M then that’s it no more additional sweets. He can get only that once a week when we go to the mall for our groceries.

In his 17th months he knew already his body parts but now he can point while naming them. There was this experience while we were in the mall he saw a manequin on the window without a dress. He walked near it and pointed on the tits and said “dede” and then pointed on the lower area and said “pepe”. Oh my! We’ll be in trouble if ever somebody would understand what he is saying. Good that nobody was near us.

Still his great pal aside from his Older sister is Barney and Winnie the Pooh. I asked him who would come on his birthday and he said: Barney, Pooh, BJ, Baby Bop, Piglet, Tigger, Duck, Rabbit,Mickey Mouse, and Orry ( the mascot  in the asian games here in Doha). So, it would be a happy party for my big boy who’ll be turning two this Aug. 5th. We love you Sean!

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