Sean Linus at 27 MOnths

Sean Says…Mommy, where are you?Mommy, I don’t want this. Over there.My name is Sean Linus.I’m two.I like greenMy airplane is greenThis one is purple and that is pink.Fine!I want to eat.I want rice.hello!Drive dad’s car.Open this please.I want this please.Go web!Me, spiderman.Who’s that on the phone?My turn!NO, I’m Sean Linus not lolo.This. That, ThereWater please.I don’t like you.I don’t like this.See, it’s not mickey mouse clubhouse!Baby cute. Birds eat rice.Come Orry.Let’s play.No need Mommy.Finished.Gun the witch! (while pointing the gun at mommy):)BIbbidi Bobbidi Boo!I have rashes.Ouchy this.Itchy.Bad boy.I’m good boy. Thank You. I love you.Sunrise.Sunset.Sun, moon, stars.He can tell his body parts:Eyes, nose, mouth ears, tongue, hair, lips, hands fingers, nails,feet, legs, pwet (bottom), toytoy (his organ), dede and pepe. LOLc”,)on Fruits and Vegies he can identify the ff:orange, grapes, apple, banana, papaya, meloncarrots, brocolli,& potatoOn being a gadget geek he knows the ff:MacbookIphone (he pronounced as i-sone)DS Lite (or he’ll just call ds)TVIpod Shuffle (blue color,as he would describe he’s dad’s shuffle) He knows and can tell the ff. characters:Spongebob.SupermanSpidermanMutant Ninja Turtles LalaPoohWinnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, EeyoreTyrone, Tasha, Uniqua, Pablo Barney, BJ & Baby BopQuincey, Dune, Leo, RocketDora, Boots, MapMickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Pete, Daisy and DonaldProfessor van drakeHe can sing this line :Bahay kubo kahit munti…His prayer:Keep us safe, I love you Papa Jesus.His message to Santa Claus:I’m good boy, give me toys. and he’ll say…an airplane, a car, a ship and barney.~MOmmY DiMpz is just too happy to be Sean’s mother.

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