Sean Loves Vegies!

Every green leafy vegetable that I cook Sean would eat it willingly without much asking and cajoling as what as I always do with ate Princess. Not only the one with the color green but as well as cauliflower and oh he loves baby corns and as well as the corn on the cob which they call as “daddy corn”. Amazing how they call and connect things like a baby corn is small so shall be called baby corn and the corn on the cob is so big then it should be called daddy referred to by ate Princess and as seconded by Sean by reiterating what his older sister said.

The other day I cooked for  them  stir fried combination of cauliflower, broccoli, baby corns, bell pepper and Sean can’t help himself not to have a 2nd serving. They loved eating the vegetable with calamares.

                           kidzlunch.JPG   calamares.JPG

                           cornondcob.JPG   sitrfry.JPG 


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