Sean’s Random Blah-Blahs…

“Papa Jesus is coming to our home.”

“This is my house not Uncle Habib’s house!”

“I’ll call the police. The bumblebee outside is noisy.”

“I’m shouting mommy betos (because) I’m angry.”

“Mommy, buy this for me ha?”

” I want the black cheese (nutella).” ngek!

“I’m eating with a sound.”

“Hmmmm…this is yummy, tasty like balloon.”

“I want to go to Philippines.”

“I want to watch NInja Turtles.”

“I want to watch Tyrone, the policeman.”

“Hurry ate the polieman will catch us!”

His prayer before eating: “Daddy God thank you for the rice

.”Before sleeping: “Mommy tell me a story pleaseee.”

His new song: “We’ will, we will rock you!” But i always had to remind him coz the “rock you” he replaces it with F*** you, but nobody is responsible for that, only that he mispronounces that word. hay:)

“Mommy please write (with a paper and a pencil in his hand) Daddy, Ding, Mommy, Ate, Uncle, Mom May, Ninay Jinky, Daddy Yam, Iana, Anya, Yuan, Ninay Faye, Kenzie, Ate shey…papa boy, mama baby…(and the list would go on).”

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