Sean’s Wishful Thinking

Sean at an early age of 2 years and 4 months has already a clear notion of Christmas and Christmas gifts and Santa Claus. Just today he was talking to me and he said, “MOmmy Santa Claus will come to our house”. “I want gifts!”. “I want an airplane, a car, a boat, a ship and a Barney.” And I replied to him, “Ok, Santa Claus will give you gifts if and only if you are a good boy.” At a young age he can understand that Christmas time is about giving and receiving. As much as possible I want to instill in their minds the virtuous act of giving and not only Christmas is about receiving. So some of their toys will go to Pinas to be given to their cousins.And I was smiling at the thought that he want to ask a lot of toys from Santa Clause, talk of hoarding and that’s another issue for them, for my kids, as much as possible I want them to grow up having less material things for them to realize that those things really don’t matter. I want them to have happy lives. I want them to be contented for what they have and I want them to value the things that they only have and not to ask too much. I want them to be good human beings. I pity those kids who lacked discipline, those kids who are nasty, rude and brutal on other kids and most of all I hate kids that are liars and those who inflict emotional, psychological and physical pains to my kids.So this Christmas, Sean and his older sister will learn a lot of things. And I told them that Santa Claus will not come to tour home if they’ll not be good. SO to those other kids I’m not be giving gifts to those who showed bad behaviors better be lucky next Christmas, so there, there’s still a room for you but not this coming Christmas. 

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