Share, Give and Love

I took picture of Sean’s stuffs before packing it and later we we’ll send it to my cousin in the Philippines who’ll be having a baby boy. Sean who doesn’t understand yet what I’m gonna do with his stuffs just played around and checked every small pair of shoes he like and tried to put on his toes.

 But on the contrary Ate P was adamant in giving all of  Sean’s baby stuffs. She said that Sean should not give all and should save one special pair of shoes. Of course, I explained to them that it’s good to give and share their clothes, shoes and toys. By doing so they’ll going to make another baby or another kid happy. Ate Andrea’s baby stuffs was sent to her cousin in UK. But that time she wasn’t able to understand the meaning of the gesture of giving since she was just nearing two. And Ate Andrea never failed to ask me where are her baby stuffs and I told her that it’s already with cousin Marlly. She smiled and said, “I love Marlly!”

Sean’s Stuffs:

seansc.JPG   shoes1.JPG   trainshoes.JPG

seansc3.JPG   shoes2.JPG   seansc2.JPG 

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