Smart Sean!

My little boy is now in his 17th month and he has lots of antics and he’s gone too emotional. In a minute he’ll be bursting with laughter and then his mood we’ll switch in a second he’ll be shouting just because his older sister touched his car or whatever he’s holding.

Unlike before he’s just an observer of what’s happening around him but time has changed and he’s a toddler with lots of wants and goes after of what he wants. Sometimes its him who makes his 3- year old sister cry. Princess being so good to his brother doesn’t hit back whenever Sean will hit him. And that only happens whenever my li’l boy wants to outdo his sister’s hierarchical power over him being the older sister. And sometimes its like showing to his older sister that I can make you cry. But they are sweet and they cuddled each other alot.

Whenever I’m doing the laundry, Sean is helping me by not asking me to carry him or he’ll do something else, like he’s telling me that his doing his chores too, like wiping the tables and chairs and every surfaces with his wipes or whatever tissue on hand.

Then when I’m in the kitchen he’ll get those pans and plastic containers that he can reach and start to copy mommy like he’s cooking too. And then he’ll start to unlock the cabinets to try if he can play of the stuffs inside the cabinets.

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