The Chatterbox

Lately my 2 years old and two months son was so talkative. Endlessly he would start a conversation with me then I would respond and then he would converse with the daddy then his sister. And sometimes I would eavesdrop on him while he would talk to his toys in the play room or I guess he has an imaginary friend. My daughter at his age was the same too the only difference is my son can talk straight while Andrea can’t say the words straight. But she was a nonstop blabber too.



And from time to time Sean would remind us that he’s a big boy already and not to address him as a baby. He loves talking and sometimes you can hear him humming to a tune of Disney princess songs or how about the tune of the Barbie as the Island Princess or his feet would start to tap to the upbeat tune of the Backyardigans songs.

If he doesn’t want something he would say “I don’t like that!” He’s using the words that, this and there. And when it comes to color recognition sometimes if he’s not in the mood every color you’ve ask him comes in as green. But for now his new favorite color is purple. He can count from 1 to 7 and sometimes you’ll hear him talk the phonetics lesson that I’m teaching my 4 year old daughter. So he’s listening attentively to mommy.

From time to time he would remind us his love by telling us “I love you mommy”, “I love you daddy, “I love you ate!” He’s so sweet. He’d give you a wet smack on the lips or how about the wet kiss. Even at our friends he’s also sweet.

In the kitchen while preparing for our meals I can count on him by putting his plate and his plastic cup. If I need something just ask him like a lost cell phone or keys and he’ll retrieve it for you. He’s the one who hid it somewhere and you can see him always with his superman backpack and with all his favorite toys inside it.

If mommy wants a hug and a kiss just ask him and happily he would give me. I’m just proud to be a mom of Sean Linus.

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