Daily Life

Sean at 15 Months

Our new toddler is becoming more and more active. He blabbers a lot. He sings the Baby Bop song with his own version …”Innng ack, innggg ack…”, that’s for “bring back, Bring back my Blankey to me! over and over again. And sometimes the song in Dora the Explorer, just a phrase but somehow as a doting Mom I’m amazed.

He dances with the swirling hips whenever he’s watching the Backyardigans especially the Episode of The Polka. He turns round and round with his arms stretch upwards.

He plays with Ate Princess and sorts out blocks of the same color or even by sizes.

He waves goodbye whenever we are going down the stairs.

Climbing on the furnitures, chairs and any other objects that he’ll be elevated.

Playing with ate princess with

the doll stuff.

He gives open-mouth kisses to us.

He laughs so hard everytime they are enjoying their play.

He’s a very obedient toddler that whenever Momsy told him to do something he obeys.

He communicates with Mom, dad, Ate Princess and uncle with some gestures.

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