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My First Painting!

Ate Princess was painting and so was Li’l Sean. He did the green strokes and momsy did the rest.
Daily Life

The Bouncing baby

Sean is on his 7th month now and he changed a lot, physically and mentally and his development leaped from being a peaceful baby to bouncing yelling baby who happens to love his voice echo on our house from time to time especially when he’s overflowing with excitement and happiness.
Sometimes he caught me off guarded with his voice, of course, i was and still am like on the deja vu stage with my andrea’s feminine yet loud noise when she was in sean’s age. i was accustomed to a loud blabbering by my first born at this age but sean’s more powerful than hers. of course he’s a baby boy so what’s next?
His body is so sleek and lean and very quick to twist and turn that sometimes if you’ll not hold him tight he’ll gonna end with a crashing thud on the floor. He gulps a lot of water, yes! not only sips but gulps.He doesn’t know how to suck from a bottle. Until this month he loves only my unadulterated milk and some solid foods but we have to be wathcful with what food we give him coz his skin is so sensitive–which means, no fish, no chicken, no eggs, no nuts and other legumes, no dairies and no sea foods or else he’ll be as red as a lobster.
He has a very good appetite but the problem is he has an allergy. But anyway, as long as he is healthy and we ‘ll keep him healthy and stay away with those allergens.
He’s a tall baby. Funny, he’s fairer than his older sister sometimes when we’re in a mall some ladies would ask us if sean is a girl. He has this oozing aura of being a baby magnet everytime we are outside. He’s always wearing blues and white shirts and shoes but still most of the time he’ll be mistaken a
s a baby girl. He always smiles sweetly and hug us. We love you Sean!

Daily Life

Growing Bigger and Bigger

Sean Growing Bigger and Bigger

Daily Life

Mom’s Milk is the Best!

Breastfeeding Sean at first was a little bit difficult for there was no milk in first 2 weeks and MOmsy is still learning the proper latch on and other stuffs on breastfeeding that time plus the fact that Momsy is still sore from delivering him and feeling a lot of pain. After that there were already lots of milk and slowly Sean and Momsy learned and from then on beastfeeding became so easy that even we are inside our car Sean can still get his milk.

The only thing that Momsy is still working on is how to breastfeed Sean discreetly while in malls or other public places.

The first thing to work on in breastfeeding is on how to make the two of you comfortable; mommy and the baby then all the rest would follow. Proper latching is also important, which means that the baby should be sucking in the whole areola part of your nipple if not it would be painful and the nipple should be on top of the baby’s tongue and nose is right up against your breast.
As for Sean, the first few weeks, the interval of feeding him takes from 1 to 2 hours and you can sense that he wants to be feed when he makes sounds with her lips, when he smacks his lips or put his hands in his mouth and the most noticeable sigh that he needs milk when he cries.

While giving him his milk i make it a point that i won’t drift off to sleep while holding him in my lap i’m so afraid that i might get to sleep and drop him on the floor so it’s better for me to put him in the bed and feed him. There is somthing in breastfeeding that makes you sleepy, I noticed that effect both on mommy and the baby. As for Sean, the moment that he started to drink milk he’ll drift off to a deep slumber.

The big difference of a breastfeed baby than feed with a formula milk is very noticeable from the peaceful attitude to the perfect nutrients needed of the baby plus the very strong resistence to common diseases like colds and cough. Ate P’s milk is formula milk, but she had the colostrum and I breastfed her for 3 weeks and after that my milk stopped that’s why I switched her to formula milk.

Speaking of its advantages:

–Mom’s milk has the right temperature so no need for boiling of water,no need for sterelization and no need for feeding bottles, just clean your breast then voila!

–MOm’s milk has so much to offer to the baby: optimal growth and development, decrease in risk in some diseases (mom’s milk is rich in infection fighting antibodies) and it protects the baby from obesity while growing older.

–Emotional Intelligence of a breastfeed baby is also higher, plus the mom and baby relationship is nurtured (emotional closeness).

–And it lowers your expenses, no need to buy expensive formula milk, just eat the right and balanced diet .

Daily Life


Day 1: Welcome to the world our new bundle of joy, happiness and contentment is what you can always see on his face from the moment he came to us…He is such a peaceful baby…He has a dimple shown when he gave us his first very sweet and innocent smile:) Thanks Daddy God for the new Gift!
After a Week: He’s quite settled with the everyday noise (mostly from a witty toddler named Ate P…such her nature!) and activities of the Rafael’s haven. Most of the time were spent trying to make Momsy and Sean comfortable with breastfeeding but still milk form Momsy is not adequate for Sean’s needs. He sleep, drinks formula milk and sleep again.
1st Month: Sean is able to hold his head up straight, gone are those wobbly-head days (but he can hold his head straight while he was just a week old. Whenever he sees Momsy, Dada, Ate and uncle he starts making sounds. He started cooing and giggling.

2nd Month: He’s development is rocketing, physically he doubled his weight, at this month he weighed 12.2 pounds and his height is 58 cm. He can communicate us more with some gestures like sucking of hands when he wants milk or making some smacking sounds with his lips. Still, most of his time is spent on eating and sleeping. He emitates what his older sister is doing like making some facial expressions and animated sounds;)

3rd Month: Still a peaceful baby, he has the ha- eye coordination.Whenever he focuses on a toy near him he can grab it with his hand. His emotional closeness to Momsy is very evident (when Momsy is feeling mad he can sense it), from being happy to being sad. BUt he is a very happy baby, no problem with him in terms of taking care he’s a very patient baby. He just wait while Momsy prepares his milk (just to be clear: no formula milk from 3rd week onwards just breastfeeding). He’s close to his older sibling, whenever he hears her cry he’ll cry too. Emotional intelligence of Sean is being nurtured, I think the effect of being a breastfeed baby.

4th MOnth: Sean at this month enjoys his gurgling sounds, his voice is so loud when he is agitated or happy. He is always feasting on his fist, left and right, sometimes both, andmake some smacking sound. He can sense some changes in his environment, and he can relate to the so of our voices and to our facial expressions. Emotionally, he’s so close with Momsy and enjoys the every-morning giggles with ate P. He can stand on his feet (of course with asssistance) and you can prop him up with some pillows to let him sit. If something annoys him he’ll start with his mantra “gang-gang-gang!”. His hand-eye coordination is more enhanced, he can grab anything he wants as long as it is within his reach. WHile on his stomach, he can lift his head and chest but for a short period of time and turn his head from side to side. He is a happy baby who always squirm with excitement, laugh and squeals.

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Part 2: Breasfeeding Tips

Feeding Assessment

Feed every 2-3 hours or more frequently if needed. Infants are the best judge of their hunger. Listen to their feeding cues. 8-12 times a day is average.
Feeding cues to remember:
Wiggling in their sleep
Fluttering eyelids
Making sucking noise or motion with the mouth and bringing hands to the mouth
Infants may eat 10-20 minutes per side or more. If need be, let the baby nurse as long as he or she wants on the first side then offer the second.
Massage your breast to help remove more milk.
Don’t force a sleepy baby to the breast. Give the baby a chance to show his or her hunger cues.
Don’t give artificial milk unless no breastmilk is available, and infant has a medical reason to be supplemented

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Breastfeeding Tips

The nutrient balance in a mother’s milk is just right for her infant as he/she grows.
There are at least 12 anti-inflammatory agents in breastmilk which promote healthy immune system.
Immunoglobulin-A in breastmilk protects the baby against Coxsakie B virus, Staph and E coli bacteria by painting the intestinal tract and blocking the pathogen’s adherence to the mucous membrane.
Lactoferrin prevents the growth of pathogenic organisms such as E coli, Salmonella and Candida Albican by blocking iron utilization necessary for their survival.

Daily Life

My Sweet Sean:)

Sean is on his 4th month now, such a sweet and very good baby, easy to take care (doesn’t whine, being happy is his nature!) that’s why Momsy has ample time to do other things. He’s emotional, once he hears a loud voice he’ll burst to tears and say “ma-ma!” But he is easy to comfort, just hug him and make some animated sounds or tickle him and he’ll be okay again.

One definite character of Sean which is literally opposite to his older sibling (his older sister, a toddler on her terrible twos!) is being sweet and cuddly, he’s a happy baby, always wears a smile that would gradually change to laughter.

Maybe it’s his milk (MOmsy is nursing him), i gave him formula milk for only 2 weeks and settled with breastfeeding, still mom’s milk is the best for baby Sean and now with the introduction to different foods (vegies and fruits) he likes to eat and spit:)

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Stork Bites!

Pink Birthmarks! Sean has some of them on the bridge of his nose, at the lower area of his right eye, just below his eye brow, on his back and on his scrotum (funny!).

Flat pink birthmarks occur (“stork bites”) in more than 50 percent of newborns. The ones in front are often referred to as “an angel’s kiss”.

All the birthmarks on the bridge of the nose and eyelids clear completely. Those on the eyelids clear by 1 year of age; those on the bridge of the nose may persist for a few additional years.

Those on the forehead that run from the bridge of the nose up to the hairline usually persist into adult life. Laser treatment during infancy should be considered. Most birthmarks on the nape of the neck also clear, but 25 percent can persist into adult life.

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Our New BUndle of Joy

Welcome Sean Linus F. Rafael!!!
MOm Liz delivered Sean last Friday at 7:35 in the morning, he weighs 8.14 pounds!!! We love you baby Sean! Kisses from Dad Nath, Mom liz, Ate Princess, Uncles, Aunties, grandmoms, grandpas’ and dear cousins…:)